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Welcome to our website!  We are known as GEHWA for short, and our focus is on the Great Egg Harbor River and Watershed in the Pinelands of Southern New Jersey.  Our Mission is:

  • To protect and restore the natural, cultural, and recreational resources of the Great Egg Harbor River Watershed;

  • To promote research and action to determine and secure a healthy river system;

  • To expand public awareness, education, and appreciation of the watershed's many valuable and unique resources.

  • Serve as the host organization for the local management and implementation
    of the Comprehensive Management Plan for the Great Egg Harbor National Scenic and Recreational River. 

  • To coordinate and/or facilitate permanent preservation of land along or in close proximity to the river and its tributaries, or preservation of any land within the watershed that is of high benefit to wildlife or rare plants, for groundwater recharge or reduction of nonpoint pollution.

We invite you to explore the pages on our site through the links on this page, where you can find out just who we are and what we are doing, read our latest newsletter, check our calendar of events, become a member and join, and find more information about the Great Egg Harbor River and the watershed that it drains.

Please contact us if you would like more information or have something to tell us about the river and watershed.